Chapter Marketing Toolkit

Are you a NSBE leader looking for resources to promote convention to your attendees! This toolkit will help you get your members excited and ready for convention.

  1. #NSBE49 ToolKit PowerPoint — This presentation gives an overview of the Annual Convention, including registration rates, workshop tracks, entertainment, and mini-conference highlights. This can be shared with the membership to get them excited about the upcoming event. 
  2. Social Media Posts — This document contains sample social media captions that Chapters and any NSBE Leader can post on IG, Twitter, and Facebook. 
  3. NSBE49 Flyer — This PDF is a summary document about Annual Convention and the reasons to attend. It can be sent to department chairs and professors, distributed at a chapter meeting, or attached in an email to anyone who needs information on Convention.  
  4. FAQs  — This document lists frequently asked questions and answers about #NSBE49  
  5. Chapter Officers Email to their Membership — Chapter Leaders use this email to send information about Annual Convention to your membership.