Why Partner?

NSBE partnerships advance corporate strategic priorities and build a competitive pipeline of diverse talent and transformative programs for scholars, emerging engineers, and professionals.  Through NSBE, Corporate Partners can access over 20,000 talented, technically trained candidates and volunteers and over 14,000 resumes.  Diversity and inclusion is a strategic imperative that fosters better output, smarter solutions, and greater innovation.  NSBE’s Corporate Partner program has proven to be the premier solution for diverse engineering talent.

The NSBE Annual Convention Career Fair connects more than 300 companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations with thousands of highly qualified, motivated Black engineering students.

The Career Fair also includes higher education institutions and other academic organizations, providing the ideal venue to recruit students for graduate and undergraduate engineering programs and presenting information about fellowship and/or research opportunities.

With thousands of enthusiastic participants, this event provides the perfect opportunity for employers from various industries to meet with the best and the brightest prospective employees for engineering and other STEM-related fields. So whether you’re looking for interns, recent graduates, or experienced engineers, you’ll find them at the NSBE Career Fair.

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