#NSBE47 PCI Mini Conference Update

We are super excited to invite you to attend this year’s virtual Annual Convention. For some of you this will be your first virtual convention and for others, this will be one of many. We hope that the variety of workshops and events at this year’s conference will bring out the “future” Holistic Engineer in you.

As you know this year’s virtual convention will be hosted in Virbela. We understand that many of you may face some technical difficulties downloading the Virbela virtual platform software, due to your computer’s capabilities. To help resolve this problem to ensure that you have the best virtual experience possible, all PCI Mini Conference workshops and events will be hosted in Zoom. The mini conference agenda is now available on Guidebook. Check out the great lineup of PCI events.

Should you have additional questions regarding this year’s PCI Mini Conference, please reach out to the NSBE47 PCI Chairperson, Ms. Imani Jackson.

Thank You to Our BCA & Affiliate Sponsors
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