GSC Workshops

GSC workshops will be geared toward curating the mindset and work ethic necessary for graduate school, and teaching attendees not only how to get into graduate school but also how best to navigate the various avenues beyond the collegiate experience. It is important to our team that we influence and nurture our young NSBE members, whether NSBE Jr. or Collegiate, to have a better perspective on continuing their education and training beyond the bachelor’s degree. Below are a few of our big-ticket GSC items for #NSBE49:

  • I Am…Innovation Station – A new idea to bring about collaboration among our NSBE Jr., Collegiate and Professional members, all in the name of technological advancement, highlighting innovative research being done at universities and in industry.
  • Technical Research Exhibition (TRE) – An opportunity for undergraduate or graduate students to showcase the results of their hard work in research.
  • GEM GRAD Lab – Interested in graduate school yet not aware of where to begin your journey to grad school? Learn about applying for, funding and excelling in graduate school through the GEM Fellowship, and more.
  • Dissertation House – Having trouble turning your dissertation thoughts into pages? Come get certified professional assistance in making marked progress on your dissertation.

Please be on the lookout for updates on any GSC content and requests for our members’ research experiences for Grad Brags! I am greatly honored to be serving as the GSC chair for #NSBE49, and I plan to advocate for higher education beyond the collegiate level the entire way. If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the cause, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at

I look forward to seeing you all in Kansas City in 2023!

Forever Five Deep,

With NSBE Luv,

Gsc workshops -

Jarred Gibson MIM, GCPM
2023 Graduate School Conference Chair
National Society of Black Engineers

NSBE 49th Annual Convention
#NSBE49: I AM S.T.E.M.
March 22–26, 2023 | Kansas City, Missouri