CPC Chair Welcome

Dear Membership and Leaders,

As a high school senior, I attended my first Convention, #NSBE45: Explore. Engineer. Elevate, in Detroit, MI. That experience solidified my desire to become an engineer. So today, as a senior at the University of Missouri-Columbia studying Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics, I am honored to welcome you to the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) 49th Annual Convention, hosted by Region V, the Vanguard Region, March 22-26, in Kansas City, MO. 

This year’s Convention is themed #NSBE49: I AM S.T.E.M., and we are curating an experience focused on the following:

  • Succeed Professionally – will provide you with the keys to success as a student, professional, or entrepreneur
  • Tech the Future – will showcase technical innovation, certifications, and training
  • Engage the Next Generation – will establish a successful pipeline from NSBE Jr. to Professionals
  • Manage Wellness – will focus on overall wellness and share the tools to improve mental health and how to manage stress

 The #NSBE49 Convention Planning Committee is working hard to create programming and events designed to help you grow, thrive, and become leaders of the future. We want you to leave Kansas City equipped with the tools to develop yourselves and positively impact your communities.

Join us in Kansas City, Missouri, March 22-26, 2023, for NSBE’s 49th Annual Convention. I look forward to seeing you!

With NSBE Luv,

49th Annual Convention Planning Committee Chairperson