Workshop Tracks

Engineering the Foundation
Workshops will highlight the benefits of joining STEM, explore various professional paths that STEM can take you in, and spark interest in STEM in the young minds of tomorrow.

Excel Academically – Academic Achievement
Workshops will provide strategies to help membership nourish their academic stance and reach.

Excel Academically – Power of Innovation
Workshops will introduce and encourage engagement in business and entrepreneurship based on technological ideas and innovations.

Succeed Professionally – Leadership Branding and Strategies
Workshops will bring light to the importance of cultivating successful leaders.

Succeed Professionally – Professional Enrichment
Workshops will include professional certification sessions, classes, and opportunities to help develop more meaningful and rewarding skills to bridge the gap to success.

Cultural Responsibility – Community Engagement
Workshops will focus on engaging the local Kansas City community and inspire members to interact and connect in their own communities to continue the trend.


College Readiness & Scholarships: The Solid Foundation of Engineering
Speaker: Norma Richards
Company: Free Ride to College
The presentation will be interactive, engaging and thought provoking. It will make the students take a hard look at how to prepare to be an academically competitive student (especially in math and communication skills) on day one of freshman year of college. In addition, the next important to navigate the challenges of  college life, put everything in proper perspective and staying focused. And finally... Money.. how to compete for scholarships.

Data Science for Social Impact
Speaker: Sarah Brown
Company: UC Berkeley
Learn what all of the buzz about big data, data science and machine learning really means, how it's already impacting communities, and where social and technical problems intersect. This workshop will include activities in which you can apply your new knowledge and brainstorm data-driven social solutions.

Engineering the Foundation: Change the World with a Career in GIS
Speaker: Racquel Rainwater
Company: Esri
This presentation will provide an overview of geographic information systems (GIS) and will discuss the career opportunities and exponential growth of the industry.

Inspiring to Code Through Design
Company: Intel
This workshop will introduce middle school girls to computer science through User Interface Design. The goal of this workshop is to inspire their curiosity about making their own app and show them how to begin with the end in mind by designing their app through paper prototyping.

Flight 816 – Ready For Take-off
Speaker: Rhonda James & Corey Frazier
Company: Intel
"Students will learn about the importance of design, quality, optimization and cost control especially as it relates to assembly, manufacturing, and distribution process (the supply chain).

Johnson & Johnson: The Supply Chain, Research & Development, and Information Technology Experience
Speaker: Joe Thomas, Regina Pratt, Veronica Fernandez-Miller, Darius Bovain
Company: Johnson & Johnson
This workshop will introduce the field of supply chain management to broaden the scope of known job opportunities for candidates. Come learn what it is and how engineers might help companies do it better.

Inspiring to Code through Design
Speaker: Ashley Robinson
Company: Intel
"Participants will be able to design their own social networking apps then simulate them without the use of code. The desired outcome of the workshop is for the participants to leave with motivation and resources they can use to learn to code in order to make the apps they designed come to life.Design a social networking app for the android tablet. The girls will have an Intro to computer science and interface design followed by paper prototyping, then design presentations."

Speaker: Delisha Stanley
Company: Raytheon
Opportunity to learn and reinforce engineering concepts with hands-on projects with prizes. MathMovesU has been presented at NSBE for many years. Past activities included Tower Building with gum drops and Mathionary

Problem Solving Strategies to Create High-Tech Innovators
Speaker: Michael McCullar
Company: ExoPlanet Technologies
"We teach students how to problem-solve and innovate starting from a blank sheet of paper and identify problems that have yet to be seen per traditional linear thinking. Today’s high-tech companies need more minorities that readily think of new ideas and solve complex problems. Technology developed today involves complex systems and requires “systemic thinking” to resolve its challenges.

Shop Floor Defects Identification & Effective Root Cause Corrective
Speaker: Sheela Blaise
Company: Caterpillar
This workshop will engage and inspire participants to learn how to identify and correct defects. There will be hands-on activities to give attendees the opportunity to analyze nonconforming parts - identify the defect, perform containment on inventory and correct the defect.

The Engineering Behind…
Speaker: Harry Kennedy
Company: HAK Electronics
This workshop takes common technology items and breaks down the key components needed to understand how it works. By simplifying the implementation, students will understand that the latest technology isn't too complicated for them to understand.

The Path to 5G
Speaker: Howard Wright
Company: Intel
From wearable devices embedded in athletes’ equipment for real-time information, robots and autonomous vehicles, to smart cities, telemedicine and more, the human need for connectedness is placing unprecedented demands on wireless networks.  Wright gives his key insights on how Intel is transforming both wireless networks and infrastructure to lay the path to 5G in a network revolution that will enable the full potential of billions of smart and connected devices over the next coming years.

The Scholarship Pursuit
Speaker:  Theda Dixon
Company: Northrop Grumman
This workshop will provide the following (but not limited to):Information for seeking out scholarships, tapping into resources that exist around the student for college money sources, and tips for the scholarship application  

The Scientific Method
Speaker:  Christopher Guest
The scientific method that you learned in third grade is actually one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. It is the key to success and discovery, not just in science but in almost every aspect of life.  

Who's RUNNING This? The Intersection of Technology and Sports
Speaker:  Michael Palmer
Company: NFL and ITSMF
This is a great opportunity to share how companies are levering WiFi access and social media trends in stadiums, how companies are leveraging bio technology to allow the fans feel like they are apart of the game even if they cannot be there. or how retailers are using all of this data to create new innovative and interactive experiences for the sports ecosystem.

Wonder of Flight and Paper Airplane Contest
Speaker:  Madeline Augustin
Company: The Boeing Company
An interactive and hands-on workshop on the study of flight and what makes planes fly. Students will be challenged in an interactive knowledge base session where an overview of airplane design and review of key flight principles to aid students in construction a paper airplane design. Students will have an opportunity to participate in a paper airplane fly-off to compete for prizes.

Be a Successful Engineering Student and Still Have a Life!
Speaker: Bart Bradford
Company: Caterpillar Inc.
This workshop is designed specifically for engineering students and includes guidelines for time management, studying efficiently, preparing for exams and effectively utilizing college resources.

Behind the Curtain: How Grad Admissions Committees Review Applications
Speaker: Ayodele Thomas
Company: Stanford University
The workshop will help participants understand how admissions committees review applications for research-based graduate programs.  This session details how each component of an application contributes to the applicant’s overall competitiveness.  Discover the nuances of the selection process and which factors can influence whether an applicant is offered admission.

Demystify the Scholarship Search - There is no Shortage of Scholarships
Speaker: Major Nippy Betz
This workshop will make you truly believe, "There is no shortage of scholarships! There never has been, there never will be. All there is, is a lack of knowledge on how to acquire them!" Attendees will leave with actionable tips and strategies to begin their quest for finding scholarships to help fund their college education.

Does a Low GPA Mean That You’re Doomed? We Don’t Believe That and Neither Should You!
Speaker: Delisha Stanley
Company: Raytheon Corporation
This session offers tips, tricks and techniques to maximize your strengths when you have a low college GPA.

How to Be Seen When No One Is Watching
Speaker: Rhonda James
Company: Intel Global Diversity and Inclusion
Many have heard their professor or a parent say that “visibility is important” for the next opportunity. The goal of this workshop is to expose students to strategies and tips on how to obtain career and educational opportunities in spite of the lack of resources and visibility.

How to Prep for the GMAT and Apply to Business School
Speaker: Jeffrey Miller
Company: Target Test Prep
Hosted by Target Test Prep’s CEO Scott Woodbury-Stewart and the company's COO, Jeffrey Miller, this seminar will provide valuable information about prepping for the GMAT and creating a plan to apply to business school.

It's Time to Use Your A.S.S. (Academic Success Strategy)
Speaker: Nathaniel Turner
Company: The Raising Supaman Project
The A.S.S. is an academic preparation process developed by the father-son team of Nathaniel A. Turner and Naeem K. Turner-Bandele. The strategy combines elements of nutrition, mental conditioning, physical fitness and neuroscience and includes daily and weekly measurable activities.

Moments in STEM: A Woman's Journey
Speaker: April Boyd-Noronha
Company: The STEM Broker, LLC
This presentation chronicles the uniquely dynamic moments of a woman's journey from winning a spelling bee to becoming a STEM broker.

POWER Goals – Making Time Work For You
Speaker: Sandra Roach
Company: Isaac Roach Consulting
Work-Life Balance can be a struggle for most people, especially in the STEM fields.  This workshop provides techniques for optimizing time while juggling multiple responsibilities. Individuals will have an action plan which outline steps for setting P.O.W.E.R. goals in academia, personal life, traditional and nontraditional STEM careers.

Stereotype Threat: Understanding How Environment Affects Performance
Speaker: Whitney Gaskins
Company: University of Cincinnati
In this workshop, participants will use the definition of stereotype threat to determine if they have had an experience that helped or hindered their performance. Once attendees understand the definition we will work as a group to develop strategies to recognize the threat and to overcome the barrier. 

The Art and Technique of Storytelling
Speaker: Rhonda James 
Company: Intel
Storytelling is often the best way for leaders to communicate with people they are leading. Why? It is inherently well adapted to handling the most intractable leadership challenges of today – sparking change, communicating who you are, enhancing the brand, transmitting values, creating high-performance teams, sharing knowledge, leading people in to the future.

The Essential Plan for Academic Achievement
Speaker: Leroy Covington
Company: Air Products
This presentation contains various practical and applicable methods to help create the environment for obtaining a competitive GPA.

V.A.S.T (Vision Attitude Skills Test) Contest
Speaker: Ervin McWilson
Company: Northrop Grumman
Vision, Attitude, Skills, and Test is an engaging workshop that focus on helping participants realize that clear goals, the right perspective, and skills can will prepare them to tackle any challenge. Vision entails what you see and how you envision your future. Attitude deals with self perception and perception of surroundings. Skills are the soft and analytical skills. Test are the challenges we face that offer the best reward.

A Partnership for Robotics, Construction Vehicle, & Auto Industries
Speaker: Robert Howard
Company: NSBE Space SIG
This session will offer an invitation and challenge to engineering professionals in robotics, construction vehicle, and heavy automotive communities. Engineers participating as Career Fair recruiters are especially invited to attend and hear how they can be part of something literally out of this world, but that may yet have application to their own industries."

The Next Great Career Superpower 
Speaker: Bambo Sofola, Dona Sarkar, Jeremiah Marble
Company: Microsoft
Sales and Monthly/Daily Average Users are so 2000s. The major metric all companies must aspire to is: how well their customers are doing at achieving their goals. After all, if your customer is not successful, why are they going to use your product again, or recommend it? …We will share the stories of rolling blackouts, the Windows Insider Program, our Nigeria Fellowship and SO much more!

Advanced Light Weighting Solutions and Supplier Partnerships (Arconic & Ford)
Speaker: Jim Stepter
Company: Arconic
Arconic continues to implement light weight initiatives and alloy development which has historically enabled the next generation of aircraft design.  Leveraging these technology developments and partnering with key customers has been fundamental to our success in this arena.  In this workshop both Arconic and Ford will partner to describe how strong partnerships and technology advancements can lead to game changing commercial solutions.

Apple Hour
Speaker: Erika Brulé
A TED-style talk from entrepreneurs and leaders in technology and innovation discussing the policies that best address closing the gap in technology and innovation entrepreneurship. The global economy is galvanized by innovation and entrepreneurship. Organizations that implement policies that directly support systematic approaches like developing innovation plans and diversifying teams are leading in a knowledge-based economy. Efforts to approve business approaches and develop policies that address gaps will directly affect who participates in the innovation entrepreneurship space.

Boeing Bets on Big Data
Speaker: Angela  Golds
Company: The Boeing Company
Aeronautics is one of today's most data-intensive industries. Modern aircraft contain sensors and embedded computers that are constantly generating data. Together with voluminous information gathered during the manufacture and regular maintenance of aircraft, these data provide opportunities to gain new insights that could lead to safer, more reliable and more efficient aircraft operations. The Boeing Company will present an interactive, engaging session discussing big data analytics, its value-added components, the challenges of interpreting it and how it’s used to generate revenue for Boeing today.

Digital Inclusion As A Pathway To STEM
Speaker: Zach Harris
Opening doors for students to explore STEM fields starts by increasing access to educational resource across our communities. Bridging the digital divide is one way leaders are collaborating to ensure the resources of the web are available to all learners. Corporate, civic and nonprofit representatives will share lessons of success they are experiencing as they build digital inclusion, then how that can be used as an opportunity to ignite interest in STEM learning opportunities for underserved communities.

Engineering for a Healthier Tomorrow
Speaker: Troy Teague
Come hear how harnessing technology like big data can save lives.  Learn how Cerner engineers their big data solutions to enable organizations to know and predict what will happen within a population, provide early identification of a health risk, and allows the physician to use mobile applications so they can work anytime and anywhere.

How Delta Became an Operational Leader – The On-Time Machine!
Speaker: Luteesa Ford
Company: Delta Air Lines
As one of the industry leaders in operational reliability, we will discuss how we have applied innovative ideas and technologies to drive our on-time performance. Separating ourselves from the pack by working smarter with data analysis to generate better results and a better customer experience.

Innovation 101 – Campus Engineering Hack2025
Speaker: Veronica Nelson
Company: Booz Allen Hamilton
Students are given a TED style overview of innovation.  They are given 25 minutes to “Hack” a campus problem in the future using the technology supplied to the group and pitch their ideas in 2 minutes to the panel of investors.

Innovation and Design at Harley-Davidson
Speaker: Kimberly  Cosby
Company: Harley-Davidson Motor Company
This session will look at the development of the LiveWire Electric Vehicle from concept to completion, as an example of innovation through product development.

Innovation Rocks: The Legal Edition
Speaker: Tiffany Johnson
Company: Klemchuk LLP
The presenters will discuss legal issues that may arise when you are innovating for a company, launching a startup business or doing academic writing. Specific topics will include intellectual property and social media legal issues, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, agreements and plagiarism.

Innovation and Diversity in the Utility Industry
Speaker: Kenneth Ford
Company: PG&E
PG&E will discuss our current “Smart Grid/Grid of Things” and “Enterprise Mobility” initiatives/departments. We will discuss and highlight the innovation and change that is taking place in the industry is these areas. How PG&E is leading the charge with new agile work approaches/methodologies. Also how diversity is a key catalyst for new and different ideas that facilitate the environment of change.

MoDOT's Gateway to the West: Building the New Mississippi River Bridge
Speaker: Betherny Williams
Company: Missouri Department of Transportation
The building of the new Mississippi River Bridge provides lessons valuable to engineers. This presentation will discuss the originality/innovation, resourcefulness in solving design challenges, project delivery, aesthetics, contributions to the community, and awards associated with the project.

Technology Advancement & Leveraging our Partnership with NSBE
Speaker: Dustin Bush 
Company: Arconic
Additive Manufacturing processes have the potential to transform metallic structures by reducing fabrication time and complexity while improving recovery from expensive starting materials.   This presentation will provide an overview of Arconic’s additive manufacturing capabilities, examples of AM and Ampliforge™ components, and potential applications.

Using Technology to Build Better Buildings
Speaker: Derek Rolfe
Company: Turner Construction
Building Information Modeling (BIM) is much more than a digital representation of a project. The implementation of BIM processes enables us to create a collaborative culture by developing cross-functional teams made up of key stakeholders working in an open and transparent environment.

Unleash Your Creativity – Innovation the Google Way
Speaker: Zach Harris
Company: Google
This would be a hands-on workshop that leads attendees through our design-sprint thinking which challenges attendees to brainstorm 10x solutions/ideas to a possible problem. While this session can take up to 6 full-hours when done in full, we'll be condensing into a 2 hour (if possible) crash-course that will have attendees in small groups, working together, and bouncing back and forth between learning from the presenter, and collaborating with their peers.

Want to Be 007? Role Play an Agency Operation
Speaker: Nico R
Participants in this workshop will simulate an operational planning event. Loosely based on fact, the simulation is designed to illustrate the breadth of information and intelligence sharing that takes place in the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Science and Technology (DS&T) in support of finding solutions to seemingly insurmountable technical challenges. 

Welcome to the Open Source Community
Speaker: Marcus Cooksey
This workshop will inpire the next generation of innovators by highlighting how previous technological breakthroughs were spawned through community based projects; and how establishing similar communities could yield new innovations or provide opportunities for students to make practical application of their course work.

Authentic Leadership
Speaker: Dale Richardson
Company: Live The Goals
This workshop will provide participants with the tools and strategies to develop into effective and authentic leaders. Participants will learn what it means to be an authentic leader, why it matters and how to become one.

Authentic Leadership: Uncover Your Potential
Speaker: Teleeta Adams
Company: Delta Air Lines
Take your leadership to the next level by unleashing your authentic leadership style. This accelerated, interactive workshop will provide basic principles of authentic and servant leadership and teach techniques that will help you enhance your leadership skills by unlocking your full potential.

Business Chemistry
Speaker:Leon Nash
Business Chemistry is a system expressly designed to provide insights about individuals and teams based on observable business traits and preferences. Through Business Chemistry, individuals will better understand themselves & understand others. Through this, we all can adapt our style and explore ways to engage more effectively with individuals and teams of other types.

Career Ownership: Create & Communicate your Plan to Achieve Top Talent
This will be a presentation where we will take questions on all presented topics. The goal is to communicate: how to create and communicate a plan to your leadership as well as peers. We will communicate what aspects of performance are most critical.  The importance of career development. Along with, the difference between mentoring and sponsorship as well as how to find both inside and outside of your organization.

Climbing the Ladder of Success to the C-Suite - A CXO Panel
Speaker: Larry Quinlan
Company: United Healthcare & ITSMF
What does ascension into the C-suite look like for black STEM students and professionals in 2016–17? How has it changed, how has it improved, and where do challenges still exist?

Effective Communication for Leaders
Speaker: Dale Richardson
Company: Live the Goals
Without effective communication, you have no influence. This interactive workshop will equip participants with the tools to communicate more effectively with team members of all personality types. These tools will help increase team participation and retention and will highlight the significance of connection and the effect of non-verbal communication with team members.

Effective Ways to Craft Your Personal Pitch
Speaker: Bart Bradford
Company: Caterpillar
Being able to communicate who you are, what you’re interested in and why you’d be good at it, all in 60 seconds or less, is a huge skill and one that will set you apart from the competition. Learn how to converse professionally with employers and contacts at career fairs and other networking opportunities. This workshop will help you know what to say to sell your skills and capabilities and teach you how to put yourself in the mindset of an employer.

Hidden Figures No More: Women Leaders in STEM
Speaker: NSBE Public Policy SIG
Company: NSBE Public Policy
Learn about the impact women have made in STEM, and the policies that support women thriving in leadership positions in industry, academia and government, through this special presentation and panel discussion.

How to Lead People
Speaker: Frank Johnson
Company: Hope for Family and Business Prosperity
The presentation focuses on how leaders can motivate people to perform, ways to communicate information, and problem-solving. Leadership succession will also be discussed.  Particular leadership emphasis is placed on engineers being aware of shifting from technical science work to the critical ways of influencing people.

How to Set and Reach Goals that Actually Matter
Speaker: Dale Richardson
Company: Live the Goals
This interactive workshop will focus on providing participants with the tools and strategies to set and reach goals that really matter. Participants will learn how to set meaningful goals in alignment with their purpose and passions. More importantly, participants will learn how to stay motivated until they succeed. This workshop goes way beyond the typical SMART goal focused presentation.

How to Use Social Networking for Professional Advancement
Speaker: Rhonda James
Company: Intel
"The following areas will be covered during this workshop: Step 1: Identify Your Personal Brand: What do you want to be know for? Step 2: Evaluate Social Networking platforms: Aligning with your brand. Step 3: Building your social media strategy: What will you talk about and to whom?"

Intentional Leadership: Planning for Your Purpose
Speaker: Patrick Connally
Company: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
This presentation will highlight key ideas, concepts, principles and practical tips to help you successfully navigate the transitions from undergraduate programs to graduate school to the workplace, and obtain upward career mobility.

"I Heard About You” Effective Leadership Strategies
Speaker: Donte Newell
Company: Caterpillar
This workshop is a high level strategic planning session for leaders and potential leaders to establish effective leadership practices that engage, encourage and enforce a productive work environment. This work session will cover the foundational elements of an effective leader; values, network, brand, performance and goal setting.

Mentorship: Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor
Speaker: Whitney Bosch
Company: Google / YouTube
Mentorship and sponsorship have become increasingly important to growing your career. In this workshop, the presenters will discuss the importance of mentorship, how to leverage your network to find a mentor and, ultimately, how to position yourself to become a mentor.

On the Mark and Set Roundtable
Speaker: NSBE Public Policy SIG
Company: NSBE Public Policy SIG
"NSBE Public Policy SIG Partners will discuss emerging opportunities with current and perspective partners. The discussions will highlight efforts to increase the number of women in STEM leadership positions; closing the skills in technology gap; and addressing disparities in STEM education."

Peace of Mind is Priceless – Being a Good Steward of Your Passion
Speaker: Errika Mallet
Company: IT Senior Management Forum
This session will help participants to hone in on their ""passion points"" and empower them to leverage these in creating the foundation of their career pathways. This session will share how to leverage opportunities such as information interviews, mentoring, strategic volunteerism, apprenticeships and/or hiatus opportunities to gain additional insight into your personal passions.

School vs. the Real World
Speaker: Donald Griffin
Company: Northrop Grumman
This presentation on making the transition from the classroom to the workplace will focus primarily on the following topics: "Day-to-Day Activities," "Financial Responsibility," "Social Changes" and "Responsibility for the Future."

Soar Higher: Goal Setting for PCI Students
Speaker: Dale Richardson
Company: Live the Goals
This fun interactive workshop will focus on providing students with the tools and strategies to set and reach big goals. Participants will learn how to set goals and why setting goals is important. More importantly, participants will learn how to stay motivated until they reach their goals. The students in this workshop will participate in a short competition.

So you want to be a problem-solver? A Day in the Life of a Consultant
Speaker: Tony Awojoodu and Vyran George 
Company: McKinsey & Company
This workshops seeks to explain what consulting is as well as describe the value of engineers when it comes to solving consulting problems. The presentation will begin with an introduction to McKinsey & Company, the world's leading management consulting firm. Next, the workshop will detail ""a day in the life of a consultant"" to describe the type of work that consultants generally do. Lastly, the workshop will show a short video describing ""why diversity matters"" at McKinsey & Company and in corporate America more broadly

Soaring on the Winds of Change – Transforming Organizational Chaos into Personal Order
Speaker: Leroy Covington
Company: Air Products
"The workshop lead(s) will share their company’s story of unprecedented change and a crisp process for creating personal order: Identifying the business shifts and the resulting gaps, utilizing your strengths and skills to bridge the gaps, performing a personal “fit” assessment, mapping your personal path forward"

The Art of Leadership: Strategies for Chapter Empowerment
Speaker: Solomon Mason
Company: NSBE/Urban League
This interactive session is dedicated to leadership skill-building centered on conflict resolution, and successful goal execution through strategic thinking.

The Dance of Leadership: “A Leaders Job is to Do Nothing!”
Speaker: Daniel & Odetta Scott 
Company: UTC Aerospace Systems
Participants in this highly interactive workshop, which includes understanding the influence of your brand as well as effective communication, learn from a distinctive concept, which states, “a Leader’s job is to do nothing.” But “doing nothing” takes vision, trust, and purpose. .

The Other Side of Technical Leadership: Effectively Managing People
Speaker: Jessica Adams
Company: Northrop Grumman
Session to provide "take-away" strategies on how to: cultivate employee engagement and reward and recognize top talent, promote inclusion and understanding diversity at all levels, leverage individual strengths and interaction styles to increase overall operational efficiency, provide effective performance feedback, and facilitate career development for future leaders.

U R A BRAND! Establishing or Rebranding: It Starts with You
Speaker: Jermaine Mazant
Company: Lockheed Martin Corporation
This session will provide an overview of how to "live your brand" in every encounter you have, while teaching you how to take charge of your brand, take advantage of opportunities to promote it and get out there and share what you have to offer. The book "Reinventing You," by Dorie Clark, will serve as a guide for the workshop.

Who Are You? How Your Personality Can Affect Your Work Environment 
Speaker: Jameka Blanchard
Company: The Boeing Company
This presentation is set to help students and professionals learn and understand their behavior as well as identify key character traits in others in order to effectively work together to accomplish a common goal.

Young, Black, Male and Corporate - Reengineered
Speaker: LaRease Rollins
Company: Become, LLC
Open discussion on the myths and realities of being a young, black man in corporate America. New set up to include panelists who were attendees/students at previous NSBE conferences and are now in the workforce. Will also include discussion on the topic in light of current national events.

Your Leadership – The Convergence of Creativity and Values
Speaker: Nico R.
Company: CIA
All employees are leaders, whether they realize it or not. Leadership - in its most basic element - is “influence” and “service”. In this workshop, participants will go on a journey of realization of who they are as a leader and their true potential as positive leaders within the classroom and/or workplace.

You've Broken the Glass Ceiling…Now What?
Speaker: Sherrie Littlejohn
Company: Wells Fargo & IT Senior Management Forum
Approaching, reaching or actually breaking "the glass ceiling" is still a landmark for women in STEM in some organizations today.  But once you've done that...then what?  How do you MAINTAIN success?

Am I My Sister's Keeper:  An Open Discussion on Female Relationships
Speaker: Veronica Nelson
Company: Booz Allen Hamilton
Peeling back the layers of our relationship and allowing honest discussion with the women in the room, we hope to highlight the invaluable benefit of having a nurturing “Sista-friend” relationship. We will also discuss ways to formulate these relationships, pitfalls to avoid and digging into real life situations where having this particular friend has made all the difference. Be prepared to explore and answer the question “Am I My Sister's Keeper?”

Are You Ready & Set to Go? Crucial Conversations for Black Engineers
Speaker: Alison Dunn
This workshop will focus on the crucial, sometimes eye-opening and even at points uncomfortable conversations needed to enable the success of Black Engineers. Personal stories and testimonials will be shared from a variety of perspectives with an intentional goal of providing strategies and tactic which attendees can learn from. From EQ to IQ this workshop will cover much of what is needed to ensure Black Engineers are ready and Set to Go.

Building Bridges, Building Skills Through Skills-Based Volunteerism
Speaker: Johnny Jackson
Learn how skills-based volunteering can develop leadership, creative problem solving and other soft skills.

Building Harmony Between Operations and Development Teams
Speaker: Eddie Bernard
Today’s software delivery model has evolved from shipping CDs and boxes to on-demand and always-on. The need for close collaboration and co-operation between the product development and operations teams is imperative to provide a high-quality solution on behalf of the business. For the Adobe Marketing Cloud, we’ve employed Agile methodologies and adopted the concept of Site Reliability Engineering, or SRE, to build a service delivery solution that bridges the gaps between Product Engineering and Operations.

Career Fairs 101: Get Noticed - Land Your Dream Job
Speaker: Christopher Gaturu
Company: Dell
Career fairs can be an overwhelming place, this workshop will help make it a bit more manageable. Chris Gaturu has been a recruiter for almost 20 years, and knows how to guide any career level through the "Do's & Don'ts" on the career fair floor. This workshop will cover resume writing, interviewing skills, and how to best approach a booth. If you have questions about career fairs, or could use a good refresher course on how to best present yourself to companies, you DO NOT want to miss this workshop!

Career Planning
Speaker: Valerie Thomas
Handling illegal questions, dual-careers families and the "glass ceiling" are a few of the topics that will be covered during this session about issues and concerns of women in today's workforce.

Communications Across Cultures
Speaker: Kingsley Ufere
Company: Chevron Corporation
Understanding cultural norms can help you advance your career and be successful. Learn to identify your own cultural preferences to build self-awareness and understand how you may differ from the cultural norm for your heritage.

Conducting a Successful Job Search
Speaker: Mary Fox
This workshop will review the following: create a project plan, develop your resume, leverage technology, document progress, prepare for interviews, and use your networks.

Cost of Success
Speaker: Dexter Johnson
Company: PhiDex Enterprises, LLC
Track: Succeed Professionally - Professional Enrichment
What is the cost of success? What are people willing to pay, or get in exchange, for success? This workshop will help you make the right life decisions and experience worthwhile success!

Double Take
Speaker: Veronica Nelson
Company: Booz Allen Hamilton
The panel consists of 4-6 professionals and undergraduate students with field experience from a variety of disciplines who collectively have rich backgrounds in both the private and public sectors of the engineering career field. Double Take will holistically prepare women of color for their future endeavors through transparent discussion including self-confidence, sexual harassment, and defying stereotypes."Driving from the Passenger Seat” Managing Your Career
Speaker: Donte Newell
Company: Caterpillar
This panel discussion will provide practical guidance on managing your career, owning your career, establishing goals and the importance of having a coach, mentor & sponsor.

Environmental Engineering Excellence
Speaker: Naomie Baptiste
Company: NSBE
Learn about the profession of environmental engineers, experts who help minimize and manage waste and pollution, protecting the air, water, soil and people from harmful chemicals. They often coordinate these activities, making sure the companies they work for are in compliance with all environmental regulations.

Exploring a Career with Google: More Than Just Software Engineering
Speaker: Zach Harris
Company: Google
At Google, we're always searching for the world's best software engineers, but we also have many other career pathways. From our YouTube team, to our IT support team to product manager roles and technical sales, there are a wide range of roles which may be a fit for your background. We invite you to join us for an interactive career panel that will feature Googlers who represent a variety of roles within our company and learn about their pathways to, and at, Google.

From Impostor to Influencer - Strategies to Get your Seat At the Table
Speaker: Valarie Thomas
"This workshop will help to reinforce the skills and techniques that women need to battle the impostor syndrome and to consistently position themselves to consistently have a seat at the table.

"Get Your Game Up” Professional Enrichment
Speaker: Donte Newell
Company: Caterpillar
As Millennial African American Engineers, we would like to share the best practices, lessons learned, key skills and competencies required to navigate in the corporate world and have a successful career. This workshop will prepare participants to excel during the crucial first few years in their careers and provide coaching to demonstrate how to stand-out among your peers and set up a plan to launch a successful career.

How to Land an Internship and Getting the Most out of Your Internship Experience
Speaker: Troy Teague
Get insight from Cerner Corporation’s engineering and talent development teams on how to make the most out of your internship. Cerner will give you tips and tricks to help make you successful to land your first internship and how to succeed once you are hired and placed. Cerner will also talk about their Kansas City internship program that hires over 200 interns each summer

Is Your Program Ready for Risk Management Framework (RMF)?
Speaker: Kena Cline
Company: Northrop Grumman
"Risk Management Framework (RMF) is the unified information security framework for the entire federal government that is replacing the legacy Certification and Accreditation (C&A) processes within federal government departments and agencies, the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Intelligence Community (IC)." This workshop will provide an overview of the 6 RMF Steps and lessons learned in implementing RMF.

LEAN Six Sigma
Speaker: David Louis
Company: The Boeing Company
Implementing Lean and Six Sigma creates a culture that demands continuous improvement and the pursuit of perfection. This presentation will explain the importance of Lean Manufacture and Six Sigma process improvement and the different levels of the process.

LinkedIn for Millennials
Speaker: Semirah Dolan
Company: Professional Development for Collegiates
This workshop will be going through the provided steps/tips of being a productive LinkedIn user. Within each step we will show examples and further actions that need to be done to achieve successful results.Many of the steps will be going over untapped LinkedIn features that many users fail to take advantage of. Some features are specific for college students but most are for everyone.

Multigen: Millennials in the Workplace
Speaker: Chris Gaturu
Will discuss how Millennial’s can make themselves assets in the workplace, and use the traits of their generation to their benefit. You will walk away from this workshop understanding the commonalities between generations in the workplace and how that benefits revenue, comradery, and innovation.

Navigating Your Career in the Federal Government
Speaker: Nico R
Company: CIA
Gain insight into how to chart a successful career in the federal government, particularly within the intelligence community. This session will feature highlights from Nico’s career and give tips on how to start, mature in and enjoy your career as a civil servant.

Networking to Find My Mentor
Speaker: Damien Butler
Company: Manifest One Empowerment Group
Networking is essential in creating a support system that will bridge the gap between your skills and education and your career success. Stepping out of a comfort zone, understanding networking events and the art of networking will be highlighted.

Numbers Don't Lie! Or Do They?!
Speaker: Damien Butler
Company: Manifest One Empowerment Group
"This workshop will discuss the use of data in our day to day lives as professionals. We will explore data collection, data storage, data types and the decisions we make based on it. The phrase “figures lie and liars figure” will be discussed and opinions of “trusted” data sources will be tested."

Responsibility and Professionalism – “The Power of You”
Speaker: Kingsley Ufere
Company: Chevron
"Responsibility and Professionalism." This interactive session will address these two components of NSBE's Mission Statement and why they are important and critical to leadership. What is indicative of these behaviors and how do they relate."

Seven Barriers Keeping High Performers from Interviewing Well
Speaker: Jerry Johnson
Company: Caterpillar
This workshop will enhance participants interview readiness by maximizing key principles and tools that will allow them to finish well in the interview setting. The message will dig deep into the importance of knowing your purpose, presenting your elevator speech, understanding your brand identify, perfecting the targeted selection format, embracing the starting line, demonstrating a winners attitude, and maximizing the interview. Overcoming these seven barriers will enhance the interviewer's readiness, creating a high performing image and elevating the playing field for a successful professional launch.

Stand Out From the Crowd- Successful Job Search Strategies!
Speaker: Jeff Dunn
Company: Intel
This workshop will help students prepare for the workplace and offer recommendations on how to leverage social networking sites such as LinkedIn.

Stop Sabotaging Your Career
Speaker: Jordan Welsh
Company: Accenture
Learn tips and techniques that work during your job-hunting experience.  Understand what recruiters are looking for, and prepare for the occasion.  Assess your corporate persona. Learn how to get the opportunities you deserve.

The World of Cyber
Speaker: Delisha Stanley
Company: Raytheon Corporation
Hear from industry professionals anything you want to know about a career in cyber technology.

"The Psychology of Success: From The Classroom To The Office"
Speaker: Ervin McWilson
Company: Northrop Grumman
The Psychology of Success: From The Classroom to the Cubicle is an engaging workshop for college students that will teach them practical skills for navigating a technical corporate environment culture including but not limited to office politics, career trajectory, and technical development.

Toastmasters: Your Path to Competent Communication
Speaker: Crystal Smith
Company: Duke Energy
Attendees will learn what Toastmasters International is and how becoming a Toastmaster can enhance their professional success.

Transitioning from College Life to the Corporate World
Speaker: Jasmine LeFlore
Company: United Technologies Corporation - Aerospace Systems (UTAS)
Transitioning from college to corporate can be scary. All of a sudden, everyone is on the same playing field. It’s no longer about what school you’ve attended or what grades you’ve earned. Come learn best practices from a UTC employee who has recently completed the transition.

Yes, I Am an Engineer: Making Transition from College to Industry
Speaker: Madeline Augustin
Company: The Boeing Company
How you market and sell yourself as an engineer, from the classroom to the workplace, can be the deciding factor in landing your next engineering job or internship.

Paint the Town NSBE
Speaker: DeJon Slaughter
Company: Turner Construction
During this session, NSBE members and Turner Construction Company staff will have the opportunity to continue Turner's yearlong giving by “Painting the Town NSBE.” Turner will coordinate local community outreach efforts in which students will have the opportunity to volunteer and support the local Kansas City community.

Psychological and Financial Principles to Money Management
Speaker: Israel Wright
Company: Airborne Financial Group, LLC
Provide in seminar form the true principles of money as relevant to minorities and correlated with psychology, sociology, and class. Israel C. Wright connects psychology, sociology, and value systems to the financial paradigm and actions in which individuals engage.

Turner Job Tour: National Training & Coaches Development Center
Company: Turner Construction
"A 79,000 SF soccer training facility for the U.S. National Team which includes 27,000 SF for a Children's Mercy Sports Medicine Clinic. The building is two stories with a large gym at the south end. Program space includes locker rooms, player lounges, cryotherapy pools, classrooms, offices, etc.

Dress code: hard sole shoes or work boots. No sneakers, high heels, flip flops"