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TPC Training and Certifications

Training and Certifications

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training Workshop

Once again, TPC will be hosting certified Six Sigma workshops! Boost your resume by attending one of these highly sought after events, and work towards getting your own Lean Six Sigma Accreditation!

Writing Technical Papers Made Easy - The Space Special Interest Group (SIG) Technique

The Aerospace Systems Conference (NSBE-ASC) both documents the excellence of Blacks in aerospace and serves as a safe point of entry for African Americans to author their first technical paper.  While authoring a paper can be psychologically intimidating to new authors, the Space SIG has developed a technique to make the process relatively easy to navigate.  This interactive workshop will walk participants through selection of a topic and developing a high level outline and short abstract.

Participants must bring a laptop or tablet with a connected keyboard and will leave the workshop with a completed technical paper abstract.

How to  “break in” to the Cybersecurity industry Brought to You By  Palo Alto Networks

This is a half of a  day interactive workshop.The cybersecurity industry is facing a shortage of over 2 million qualified workers over the next few years – we really need your talent! Come learn what’s really happening behind the scenes in the world of hacking and cybersecurity, and learn specifically how to prepare yourself for a career that’s both personally enriching and meaningful to the world. Sign Up TODAY!


  • What is “cyber security”? What kinds of roles are there?
  • Review the “Anatomy of an attack” and how cyber professionals defend
  • What should you be studying in your Computer Science classes?
  • What certifications are most valuable in order to get hired?
  • How can you stay close to the cyber industry?
  • Plenty of time for Q&A to answer all your questions

To increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. Visit NSBE.org for more information.

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