Registration Policies

Refund/Cancellation/Transfer Policy:

The following policy was created to accommodate individuals that were registered at the time of the postponement announcement. Any attendee that is unable to attend the in-person event scheduled for August 19 – 23 AND notified NSBE after March 6 is entitled to a refund (see below for deadlines).

Important Refund Deadlines:

o March 26, 2020 – Deadline for 100% Refund

o April 6, 2020 – Deadline for 75% Refund

o April 16, 2020 – Deadline for 50% Refund

To request a refund, credit, or to donate to NSBE, please click here to complete the request form.

Credit Request:

Any cancellation requests received after April 16, 2020, will be eligible for a full credit that can be used towards a future NSBE conference. The credit must be used before March 15, 2021. The request must be submitted for review before the first day of the event scheduled for August 19, 2020. Requests submitted after the first day of the event scheduled for August 19, 2020 are ineligible for NSBE credit.

Credit Policy:

Did you pay for a previous NSBE event and were not able to attend? If so, you may use that credit for a future NSBE event. Why not #NSBE46? Please Note: your credit will expire 12 months from the date of issuance. All current credits will expire on July 31, 2020 but can be used for events in 2021 that have been open for registration.

Membership Renewal:

To receive member price benefits for Annual Convention, please remember to renew your membership FIRST! Not a member? Click here to join.

Registration Selection:

If you are a current NSBE member, you DO NOT need to select your registration type. The system will automatically select it for you! For those registrants who are NSBE Jr. Chaperone/Advisors, Collegiate Chapter Advisor or Children between 3-7 years old, you will need to select your registration type on the first field on the registration page. Before paying for your registration, please be sure that all of your personal information and registration price is correct before finalizing your order.

Registration FAQ’s

Q: What are the new dates for the NSBE 46th Annual Convention?

A: The new dates for the NSBE 46th Annual Convention are August 19–23, 2020. The event will be held at the Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Q: How Do I Register for NSBE’s 46th Annual Convention?

A: You can register by accessing our website at Click on the gray tab marked “Register for Event”, which will take you to our Meetings Center and select “NSBE 46th Annual Convention (2020)”

Q: Do I need to be a member to attend the Annual Convention?

A: No, we welcome all to come and experience NSBE. However, there is a savings-benefit for our members who attend convention. We encourage you to see all that NSBE has to offer as a member here.

Q: I am able to attend in August. Do I need to register again?

A: If you were registered before March 6, you do not need to register again. Your registration will be automatically transferred to the new dates.

Q: Do I need to be a member to have a NSBE Connect account?

A: No, you do not. We require all people registering for Conferences and Convention to have a NSBE Connect account in our system. Registering for an account is free and easy. Just follow this link.

Q: Will I have to renew my membership again to attend Convention?

A: Yes, you will have to renew your membership on or before August 1, 2020 to have active NSBE membership status during the Convention. As a NSBE member, you will receive benefits such as reduced rates to conferences, access to scholarships, and much more.

Q: Can I register others when I register for Annual Convention?

A: Yes, you can register both individuals and groups under your registration. The Registration form will ask if you would like to add other attendees to your registration. You would select “Yes”. Their first and last name as well as email address are required to add their registration.

Q: Will I receive confirmation of my registration?

A: Yes, you will receive a confirmation email sent to your account email. Additionally, it will give you information regarding your next steps. It is important that you read through the confirmation and save it to reference at a later time.

Q: Will the NSBE 46th Annual Convention in August have a Career Fair?

A: Yes, there will be a Career Fair during the August convention. Please continue to visit to view the list of exhibitors that have confirmed participation.

Q: How should I manage my travel plans?

A: Reach out to your airline carrier for details on credits or refunds.

Q: My hotel reservation was canceled. When should I secure housing for August?

A: All hotel reservations were canceled. You will receive a new housing notification as we approach the new convention date.

Q: I am already registered for Annual Convention, but would like to register for session events. Where do I go?

A: We will notify you via email once the registration(s) are open. Please keep an eye out for it!

Q: Is there a pay later option?

A: Yes, we offer a pay later option. However, you will need to pay your registration prior to the start of on-site registration.

Q: How can I obtain a refund of my registration fee or have it transferred to an upcoming NSBE conference or convention?

A: To request a refund or transfer of your registration fee, you must complete the 46th Annual Convention Cancellation Form. For more information, please click here. Any cancellation requests received after April 16, 2020 will be eligible for a full credit that can be used toward a future NSBE conference or convention.

Q: I received a travel grant for #NSBE46. Will this travel grant be transferred to August?

A: If you received a travel grant for #NSBE46, communications about next steps will be forwarded to you. If you have questions in the meantime, please email

Q: What happens to my exhibitor/sponsorship package?

A: NSBE’s Fund Development team will work with each Board of Corporate Affiliates (BCA) partner and Affiliate partner to develop options that suit the needs of each partner.

Q: Will there be an opportunity to connect and speak with NSBE’s Board of Corporate Affiliates (BCA) partners before #NSBE46?

A: Yes, NSBE’s Fund Development Department is working on logistics for a Virtual Career Fair in April for NSBE members, so you will have the opportunity to connect with recruiters, secure interviews and pursue internships and full-time positions. Stay tuned for the date.

Q: How do I update my resume for recruiters?

A: Update your resume in your NSBE account by clicking here. Login to your Job Seeker account with your NSBE user ID and password. If you are an active NSBE member, please select the “I Am a Member” option in the “Job Seeker Login/Create Account” section. Please indicate whether you will be attending NSBE’s 46th Annual Convention on August 19–23, 2020. Doing so will enable employers to narrow their search to job seekers who plan to participate in the Convention.