Robin Brewer, ph. d.

Graduate School Conference Coordinator

Welcome to #NSBE45: Graduate School Conference

Greetings, Current and Aspiring NSBE Graduate Students!

I am excited to invite you to join us for the Graduate School Conference (GSC) at NSBE’s 45th Annual Convention in Detroit! NSBE works hard to ensure that each year is better than the last, which means we are gearing up for the greatest Graduate School Conference yet!
This year’s theme is “#NSBE45: Explore. Engineer. Elevate.” This represents our goal to craft an experience for each attendee that is energizing, encouraging and enriching. When you leave the conference, we hope you will say we have pushed you to (1) explore new perspectives, (2) develop advanced engineering skills and (3) further elevate your education and your future.
The Graduate School Conference is a unique experience for potential graduate students, full-time graduate students and part-time graduate students. Some of our tentative conference programming for this year follows:

Self-Care Series – *new* for 2019; a commitment to recognize the importance of self-care and mental health for graduate students

Technical Research Exhibition (TRE) – an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to present research

– hosted by the National GEM Consortium; an opportunity to learn the basics of graduate school, including how to seek and apply for funding

Dissertation and Thesis House – a chance to make progress on your thesis (master’s and doctoral) with the help of a certified dissertation coach

“Finding a Mentor” Lunch – an opportunity to begin to develop mentorship relationships with people on your academic or industry career path

Please be sure to check back periodically for updates on the content of the conference as the agenda evolves. As Convention approaches, there will also be opportunities for technical speaking engagements (e.g., participating in TRE) or for limited-enrollment social events (e.g., brunches, paint therapy). If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

Robin N. Brewer, Ph.D.

2019 NSBE Graduate School Conference Chair
NSBE’s 45th Annual Convention
#NSBE45: Explore. Engineer. Elevate.
March 27–31, 2019 | Detroit, MI


Engineering Dean's Forum

NSBE aims to have the U.S. graduate 10,000 Black Engineers annually, meaning retention of minority engineers in college is important. In attendance at this forum will be top engineering deans who are minorities, and minority engineering program (MEP) directors, who will share their strategies and progress and converse with students. Come support #blackexcellence.

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GSC Kickoff

brought to you by George Washington University

We know that it is important to engage your mind, body, and soul while in graduate school. Come meet other graduate students and potential graduate students, and network over soul food. Also, come learn about what GSC has in store for students at Convention.

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How to Get the Mentoring You Need

Good mentoring is an integral component of your success as a graduate student.  Not every advisor has strong mentoring skills and mentoring can come from people other than your advisor.  This workshop is designed to teach you how to select an advisor who is a good mentor and/or identify other people to serve as mentors, to help you develop in all the areas of importance for you personally and professionally.

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The PhD Roller Coaster Ride

This seminar will give you the truth about the many ways getting a PhD is like a roller coaster ride and how to prepare for it! The seminar will be lead by engineering PhD graduates who will share their experiences of getting a PhD and how they made it through. Participants will spend an hour learning from professionals who have been where they are, and want to share the knowledge of things that will help them be successful in their journey. This workshop looks to give participants an in depth look into the experience of getting a PhD in engineering and tools to make it through.

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Students, Your Mental Matters!

Join Jerrell and Richard of the Mental Matters Podcast as they talk about mental health in college, the dos and don’ts, and some tips for positive self care while pursuing your degrees.

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Mindful Engineering - Tools to Sharpen your Mind

brought to you by The Boeing Company

This workshop focuses on self-care strategies for mental health. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States affecting 40 million adults. There are different mindfulness tools that can reduce the risk. The speaker will share facts about the brain and ways we can refrain the mind through mindful practices. We will discuss and practice mindful breathing, mindful listening and mindful stretching. Participants will come out of the workshop energized to walk on the path of becoming masters of their own mind, resulting with long term benefits.

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Grant Writing for Graduate Students

Want to get practice writing grants as a graduate student? Interested in being a professor after graduate school? Learn secrets of writing fool-proof grants that have a high likelihood of being funded.

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Dissertation House

brought to you by University of Michigan and University of California - Berkley

Pre-registration required - Do you ever leave Convention feeling behind on your work? For Master's and Doctoral students, Dissertation (and Thesis) House brings in a coach to help students make progress on some part of their dissertations in a two-day workshop with all meals included! Dissertation House activities focus on places where students typically have problems: conceptualizing a topic, writing a literature review, writing a proposal, analyzing data, writing the last chapter, and editing. Stay tuned for sign-up.

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Non-Traditional Graduate Programs in Engineering

This workshop will present attendees with options beyond M.S. and Ph.D. programs like medical school, law school, and business school options for engineers. Come learn best practices on applying to and succeeding in non-traditional graduate programs from admissions officers and/or students.

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brought to you by University of Michigan and Intel Corporation

The National GEM Consortium will teach prospective graduate students everything related to applying to and succeeding in M.S. and Ph.D. programs, including fellowships that will get students through graduate school for free!

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Paint Therapy

We know graduate school can be a stressful experience. Come learn to paint that stress away where a local Detroit artist will guide attendees through a paint-and-sip experience where you can also take home a reminder of your time at Annual Convention in Detroit. Local Detroit artist Tony Whlgn will be instructing. Stay tuned for sign-up.

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Technical Research Exhibition

Sponsored by University of Virginia and University of Florida - TRE is a poster and oral competition where undergraduate and graduate students can present their research and compete for cash prizes. Get feedback from top faculty members and industry leaders about your research. Sign up for the oral and poster competitions online.

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