Leading the Revolution

Workshops in this track are focused on developing the knowledge and skills necessary to become a leader and on honing leadership skills.

The Art of Leadership: Strategies for Chapter Empowerment

The Power of Body Language

Closing the Generational Gap: How to Effectively Lead Multigenerational Teams

Leadership Is in You: A Fireside Chat with Chevron

Courage in Today’s Complex Climate: Leading the Work, Leading the People, Leading the Culture

Revolutionize Your Career

These workshops are focused on professional development and maximizing career opportunities for college students, early career professionals and experienced professionals, and on college readiness for NSBE Jr. members.

Play It to Win: Strategies for Millennials Starting in Corporate America

Introduction to Six Sigma

Interview Feedback: The Do’s and Don’ts

An Introvert’s Guide to Networking in the IT Industry

Grow Your Career While Saving the World

We Are the Revolution

These sessions are focused on community impact and how we can use our personal and professional platforms to bring about change through community activism and resources, public policy, ethical engineering practices and other means.

Being a #Futureshaper

Mental Matters Live!

Maximizing You!

STEM as Social Justice

Stand by Your Brand

Funding the Revolution

Workshops in this track are focused on financial literacy, entrepreneurship and using STEM to create business avenues.

Debt-Free at 23: How I Paid Off $30,000+ Student Loans in One Year at 23!

Smart Students Graduate Rich: Engineer Your Real Estate Investments

Financial Wake-up Call

From the Block to the Boardroom

Leveling the Playing Field: The Art of Negotiation

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