#NSBE44: Ignite. Imagine. Innovate. • March 21-25, 2018 • David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Tashiah Eatman

Entertainment Chairperson

Tashiah Eatman - Entertainment Chairperson
Tashiah Eatman - Entertainment Chairperson

Position: Entertainment Chairperson
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University Major: Mechanical Engineering
University/Alma Mater: Temple University
Industry: Building Technology & Solutions

I am a small-town girl who got a taste of the city life during college and moved out immediately after graduation. Originally from South Jersey, I pursued my engineering degree across the bridge to give myself a new experience in the city. While at Temple, I engaged heavily in NSBE my freshman year, and that continued throughout my undergraduate life. As a freshman, I ended up on a couple of different committees to help support the Chapter Executive Board. After that, I became Programs Chair to help bring more people to our new and exciting programs. During my junior year, I was elected to the Region II Executive Board as the Danger Zone Coordinator. During my senior year, I was able to act as an advisor for my chapter. Since graduation, I have been recruiting for my company at the Annual Convention to help bring more diversity into the workforce.

There are a lot of things that motivate me to do what I love, however, the biggest is family. Throughout the many hardships that have come up in life, it has always been family that pushed me through. One thing important to note is that family is more than just bloodlines. I’ve made family through the various situations that have come forth in college, internships and student organizations. My family has motivated me to do what I am passionate about. Some of my passions include poetry, soccer, traveling and engineering. I had never done an open mic before, but my family pushed me forward and encouraged me, and that was one of the scariest but most awesome experiences of my life. I’ve continued to write poetry since I was younger and hope to one day publish my own book of poems! Soccer is my favorite sport to play as I’ve been playing since I was five years old. In the future, I want to become a soccer coach to teach kids how to play. And who doesn’t love to travel! My wife and I have made it a goal to go somewhere new every year. This is so that we can hit every state and fill out pictures of the United States map and maybe even an international map.

There are a lot of things I want to do with my engineering degree. I believe that I will end up in product or program management as that is where my passion really lies. This is why I’m in graduate school pursuing my M.B.A. I want to learn everything I can about how to run projects globally to, in the future, run my own international program. In addition, I want to get my real estate license so I can create my own property management company. I want to create affordable houses that are up to date as a supplemental income and eventually to retire on! I see myself in the future retiring early and traveling the world! Although there are a lot of things going on in the world that need changing, I believe my strength would be to mentor students of color just getting out of high school and not knowing what life is. What is a credit score? How do I apply for a loan? These are things that should be taught in all schools, but unfortunately, they aren’t. That’s why people of color often don’t know what to do in certain situations. With every student touched by such a program, I believe you can change a generation and create a legacy for their families.

My first Convention was in Pittsburgh in 2012, and I felt a rush of energy and excitement about what NSBE stood for. I want that experience to happen to every single person who walks through those doors at #NSBE44. Whether it be through the workshops, entertainment or competitions, everyone at Convention should leave with a story; a story of why they joined NSBE, a story of why they left #NSBE44 fulfilled. Every member will feel empowered by NSBE’s mission statement and understand why it is important for such an established organization. If the CPC for #NSBE44 can do that, then I believe we will have succeeded in increasing the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

To increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. Visit NSBE.org for more information.

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