#NSBE44: Ignite. Imagine. Innovate. • March 21-25, 2018 • David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Kevin Peynado


Kevin Peynado - Chairperson
Kevin Peynado - Chairperson

Position: Chairperson
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University Major (Undergraduate): Computer Engineering
University/Alma Mater (Undergraduate): Howard University
University Major (Graduate): Masters in Business Administration
University/Alma Mater (Graduate): Georgetown University
Industry: Information Technology

I am a Jamaican bred, laid back individual who absolutely loves ’90s music, dancing, singing and the Marvel universe. Other interests include playing the piano, Tae Kwon Do, graphic design, photography and so much more! (I have a pretty wide scope when it comes to different interests!) I joined NSBE in 2009 during my time at Howard University. Since then, I’ve served in a few leadership roles, including chapter public relations chair, Region II Fall Regional Conference chair and Region II programs chair, and have served on the National Leadership Conference Planning Committee.

My biggest motivations are my family and friends. God has blessed me with a wonderful family that I have been able to watch and grow from. My father serves as my biggest role model. I’ve literally watched him accomplish all of his dreams and aspirations in the past 20 years. My sisters have always supported me and been there for me when I’ve needed them most (#SiblingRivalries), and my mother is the gas that keeps my motor running from day to day. The only reason I am where I am today is because I have a praying mother who put me on the best path she knew. I absolutely love her and appreciate all of the sacrifices she’s made for me. And I can only hope that I can repay her with a portion of what she’s given me. Last but certainly not least, I am a firm believer in iron sharpening iron. The people who are around me are some of the brightest, smartest, most successful [Insert more positive words of affirmation here] people I know. They force me to stay on top of my game and achieve greatness as they are. They hold me accountable and push me to a level where I may not always want to go. Combine my family with this awesome group of friends, and you pretty much have what motivates me in a nutshell.

I see myself owning my own IT consulting firm. I’d really like to set my sights on traveling the world! Well, honestly, just the Caribbean. Ultimately my plan is to move to Jamaica.

I view NSBE’s Annual Convention as a life-altering experience. Ultimately, we have the opportunity to do something great and change a number of lives by providing an experience that will inspire them to do anything they set their minds to. For some, this is a once-in- a-lifetime opportunity to be around people who look just like them, who hold the same passions and who strive for the same goals. So I want to make sure we provide the best experience possible for our members.

To increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. Visit NSBE.org for more information.

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