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Danielle Taylor

Facilities and Operations Assistant

CPC Team Member Image
CPC Team Member Image

Position: Facilities and Operations Assistant
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University Major: Electronics Engineering
University/Alma Mater (Undergraduate): Norfolk State University
University Major: Nanoengineering
University/Alma Mater (Graduate): North Carolina A&T State University
Industry: Manufacturing

I am from Prince George’s County, MD. I enjoy cooking, traveling, concerts, 90’s R&B and Hip-Hop and trying new things. My journey in NSBE started in 2008 as a NSBE junior member.  I always told myself that I would be involved in NSBE when I entered college. During my time at Norfolk State University I served as Miss NSBE, Treasurer, and Region II O-Zone Coordinator. At North Carolina A&T State University, I served on the Conference Planning Committee for A&T chapter and Graduate Student Coordinator for the National Academic Excellence Committee.

My motivation comes from my family, my friends and the generation behind me. Engineering is not an easy field, but having the right support system will help you accomplish any goal. It takes a village to raise a child and NSBE has been a part of my village for years. When you have the ability to inspire your peers or kids in joining engineering, that’s when you realize it’s no longer about you. You become a part of that representation that is needed. I’m passionate about seeing more women and minorities in STEM, especially engineering. I get so excited talking to kids about my experience in engineering and doing different STEM activities to bridge the connection between the Math and Science classes they take and how they can impact the world as an engineer.

This may sound cliché’, but I see myself taking over the world. I see myself working in a manufacturing company. While doing so, I plan to recruit for my company to increase the diversity and becoming a Director of that company. As long as I can put myself in the position to help people and elevate in the process, then my life will be fulfilled.

I want people to take advantage of the workshops and become involved with the organization at a Regional and National Level. At the National Convention, NSBE offers a plethora of workshops that can tailor to what you are looking for. Also, I want to see more workshops that are geared toward financial literacy, money management and being debt-free. Teaching our members, the importance of being debt- free is a transferable tool that is important.

To increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. Visit NSBE.org for more information.

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