#NSBE44: Ignite. Imagine. Innovate. • March 21-25, 2018 • David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Adam Flores

Speakers and Workshops Co-Chairperson

Adam G. Flores - Speakers and Workshops Co-ChairpersonSpeakers and Workshops Co-Chairperson
Adam G. Flores - Speakers and Workshops Co-ChairpersonSpeakers and Workshops Co-Chairperson

Position: Speakers and Workshops Co-Chairperson
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University Major: Mechanical Engineering
University/Alma Mater: Howard University
Industry: Mechanical and Systems Engineering (DoD Acquisition)

I am just a regular person who likes to help where he can. I like to meet people and learn from them, and I hope I help them learn just as much. I run Spartans for fellowship, my scroll game is immaculate, and I have a large arsenal of meme/gifs. I also play around with my friends (and sometimes people I don’t know CC; this who are you blurb) as a showing of love. My leadership positions with NSBE include: 2011 Region II Fall Regional Conference entertainment coordinator, 2012–2013 Region II parliamentarian, 2015–2016 Region II Professionals Parliamentarian and chapter advisor for the Howard University Chapter Executive Board.

I am motivated by doing the right thing, by expressing love, by trying to be the best version of myself that I can be and helping others as God intended. My passions are mentoring, tinkering, fostering mutual understanding between different groups and promoting the growth of myself as well as others. Being a great family man is one of my biggest goals. My family is not only blood-related but also chosen (friends, mentors and mentees who have had an impact on my life).

In the long term, I see myself having a family, assisting in multiple friends’ projects and having a successful mentoring program that helps guide young minorities as they traverse the early stages of life. I see myself having a reach far and wide, using that reach to help the world be a more positive place for everyone. I still see myself being the kid I am, playing with LEGOS here and there, while also being a man of God and walking the path he has laid out for me. In the near term, I only know that I will do my best to follow the steps God has laid out for me and try to take each day one at a time, loving and caring about as many people as I possibly can. My impulsive personality clashes with my need to be pragmatic in approach when it involves people other than me, so one day at a time seems to be the nice mix of these two approaches in getting me to where I want to be later on in life.

I think Convention, as it stands now, is just a big career fair for many, and they don’t truly take advantage of the workshops and speakers at the event. Ifhospitality suites, career fair and interviews aren’t the topic, I don’t normally hear a lot of enthusiasm for the convention, including the workshops across all levels. Not that these things aren’t great opportunities, but I would like for Convention to have a little more efficiency in the workshops. Perhaps we can add a few more engaging and exciting workshops that also equip the members to see a tangible change in their lives at their current stage. In addition, I would like to add content that helps them carry the theme forward beyond Convention and even beyond NSBE. The world as it stands could simply use more love, kindness and caring and less negativity and fewer selfish tendencies that shortchange others. Perhaps just as important, the world needs more understanding, acceptance and patience, to steady the mind and slow the negative actions people put out into the world. Also LEGOS: the world could use more LEGOS.

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