How to Get Away with Securing the Bag

A Workshop Preparedness Series

Episode 1: Resume 101

What do you do when approaching a new professional environment? Do you scope your surroundings? Identify your goal? Or execute your plan? The answer is all of the above! Presenting your resume is a blueprint to who you are the experiences and skills you can provide in the industry in which you are pursuing. The following video depicts a scenario in which a bad interaction and a fair interaction takes place.

Episode 2: Elevator Pitch

Meeting a company recruiter or executive at the career fair or even in the convention center can be intimidating. Don’t fret! Your #NSBE46 CPC gives you an example of the do’s and don’ts of giving an elevator pitch.

Episode 3: What to Wear

Making a good impression at the convention career fair is a must. Here’s some examples of the do’s and dont’s of career fair attire.

Episode 4: Before, During,


and After the Career Fair!


How you approach the career fair is very important! In this month’s episode we demonstrate some core things to follow and other tips to help you start your journey to preparation!

Episode 5: Interviewing


Getting an interview at convention can be a great opportunity, but the actual interview can be stressful and preparing for it may be a challenge. Here’s a demonstration and tips on the do’s and dont’s for an interview.

Episode 6: How to Accept

or Reject an Offer!


You’re almost to the finish line! Your resume is top tier, you dressed professionally, and did all the necessary things before, during, and after the career fair! You even made it past the interview!

Now, let’s talk a little about how you should accept/reject an offer sincerely when presented to you!