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About Pittsburgh

So join us March 21th through March 25th and experience Pittsburgh.

Experience Pittsburgh

Being the largest metropolitan area in the Ohio Valley and Appalachia, the “Steel City” is best known for it’s over 400 bridges. Historically, Pittsburgh has been at the center of the steel industry but as the times change, so has the major industries. Pittsburgh is now home to major industries including biomedical technology, robotics, healthcare, environmental design, and nuclear engineering.

Reasons to visit this March:

  1. It’s the city with an impactful entrance – Once you land in the city, you will notice the glass and steel towers of the downtown area
  2. It’s a city of rivers and bridges – A 2006 study listed about 446 bridges were within the city limits
  3. It has a proud sporting heritage – The Steelers have won six Superbowls and the Penguins have been successful in the rink
  4. It’s a city of colorful neighborhoods – There are areas such as Polish Hill, full of quaint onion-shaped church domes, and Italian-influenced Bloomfield
  5. It has lots of cultural – The city has a surprisingly cutting-edge scene when it comes to music and the nightlife

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