GSC Technical Talk Series

GSC Technical Talk Series
This series focuses on equipping graduate students with tools to start and navigate their careers after school. Topics will cover developing creativity for entrepreneurial ventures, standing out through brand identification and articulation, the importance of professional certificates, funding and publishing your research, navigating the path to tenure, and lots more.

Professional Certifications Panel
Ever wondered what role professional certifications will play in career? Then join our panel of seasoned professionals who possess a diverse set of certifications, which include F.E/P.E., PMP, LEED, OSHA and more. They will also provide resources to assist with navigating the choice of certifications across several industries.

Next Steps Industry – Hosted by Google
Unleash your creativity and learn how to innovate the Google way. This workshop will introduce participants to some of the innovation and product design processes employed at Google. Participants will learn how to apply the process in order to systematically understand and solve problems creatively.
Hands-on activities will lead attendees through design-sprint thinking which challenges attendees to brainstorm 10x solutions/ideas to a possible problem. Attendees will work in small groups, working together, and bouncing back and forth between learning from the presenter, and collaborating with their peers.

Branding – Hosted by Lockheed Martin
Members of Lockheed’s NSBE Professional group are hosting a workshop focused on brand development, and how to Live Your Brand In Every Encounter That You Have in your academic and professional career.
Learn how to TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BRAND through hands on activities, which guide attendees to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and use that to build their brand statement. The goal of the workshop is to ensure all attendees leave with the foundation of their brand statement and the ability to articulate the same. ‘Reinventing You’ a book by Dorie Clark, is used as a guide for this workshop and will be given as prizes to participants.

Your Foundation for Academia
An interactive presentation, with panel, that will guide you along the path of academia, giving you the starting tools and advice to achieve your goal of becoming faculty. Dr. David A. Delaine, Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University Department of Engineering Education, will be the host for this workshop.

Thesis and Dissertation Overview
An introduction to thesis writing/dissertation preparation for graduate degree programs. Students will learn the challenges of creating a thesis and dissertation plan, evaluation methods, as well as gain experience with organizing findings.
Dr. Tahira Reid, Assistant Professor at Purdue University’s School of Mechanical Engineering and director of the Research in Engineering and Interdisciplinary Design (REID) Laboratory, will be the host for this workshop.